Addressing the Carbon Footprint of Freight

  • Freight transportation represents over 10% of Canada’s national GHG emissions, growing by 300% since 1990
  • Fleet owners are seeking meaningful ways to offer more sustainable shipping and delivery options for their customers.
  • Current alternatives can involve significant investments in fleet conversions (electric) or sourcing costly alternative fuels.
  • Fleet owners are seeking a consumer-facing and credible solution that reflects the highest standards in environmental performance.

Carbon Offsets

How does offsetting work?

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for – or “offset” – an emission made elsewhere.
  • The use of fossil fuels to run the vehicles involved in freight deliveries results in greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide.
  • By applying an equal amount of certified and verified carbon offsets from qualified projects, compensates for these emissions.
  • The result is carbon neutrality – where the emissions of carbon dioxide from the vehicles are 100% offset by the emission reductions achieved elsewhere.
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The program is designed to be simple and transparent for fleet owners:
  • We quantify the emissions of greenhouse gases from a vehicle fleet based on the type of vehicle, fuel efficiency, fuel type and distance travelled.
  • The actual emissions from a given amount of fuel combusted are calculated using recognized emission factors.
  • A corresponding number of certified offsets are purchased and retired to the environment on behalf of the fleet owner.
  • Vehicles within the fleet are recognized for their actions by displaying the Last Green Mile decal and through our quarterly reporting.
Offsets for the program are third-party verified under global standards, and tracked through recognized registries. This provides the highest level of rigor and transparency. For further information on our current projects, please click on the project icons below. provides long-haul and delivery services with a recognizable, credible and transparent option for offsetting their environmental footprint.

Proyecto Mirador – Cookstove Project, Honduras

Offset Documentation

IdleAire – Truck Stop Electrification, Across America

Offset Documentation

Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Energy Efficiency – India

Offset Documentation


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Routeique combines a powerful cloud-based software platform with mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) devices for vehicle tracking, asset tracking, signature capture and remote invoice printing, to manage your commercial delivery business.

Cap-Op are leading advisors in carbon, environmental assets, water and energy, who integrate the technical, policy, market and finance mechanisms required to develop sustainable solutions to a carbon and water constrained economy.

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